MeteoBlue FAQs

Your questions answered about weather forecasting service MeteoBlue.

So, what is MeteoBlue and how does it work?

  • Sentek has partnered with MeteoBlue to offer a 7-day weather forecast database for any location on Earth.
  • Sophisticated models are employed to predict temperature, rainfall, ET, humidity, pressure, wind speed and wind-direction at hourly intervals for a latitude/longitude of your choice
  • Forecast data is retained to provide a historical record of conditions.
  • The finest granularity that the weather forecasting service Meteoblue offers is a 3km-square grid cell.
  • The service is offered on a competitive annual subscription basis, that can be launched within IrriMAX Live.
  • The forecast data can be displayed as top panes of existing soil moisture graphs or they can be stand alone graphs.
  • For a one off free 7 day forecast for your location and more information click here.
  • If any subscriptions are due to expire within 14 days, you will receive an expiration warning message when you log in.
  • You are responsible for renewing any subscriptions before their expiration date. Subscriptions do not automatically renew. If you let a subscription expire, your associated device or service will immediately be prevented from uploading data.
  • An account with Sentek is required for an online payment to the subscription.
  • You can view your account on your account settings page, or contact us

How does the billing system work?

  • This is a paid add-on service to your IrriMAX Live, and is billed annually
  • You can manage renewals or choose to let subscriptions expire as needed
  • It is paid via PayPal

Check the HELP Menu in IrriMAX Live for more information

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