Drill & Drop

Our Drill and Drop probe accurately measures soil moisture, temperature and salinity*.

The probe is fully encapsulated, easy to install and can be completely buried to reduce the risk of machinery damage.

Drill and Drop can be used for vegetable crops, fruit and nut trees, vines, berries, research projects and landscape management.

*Salinity measurement capability is optional.

Drill and Drop probe sizes

The Drill & Drop probe is available in lengths from 30cm (12 inch) through to 120cm (48 inch) with sensors every 10cm or four inches.

It is also offered as a Single Point Sensor measuring 10.5cm or 4 inch for SDI-12 loggers.


  • Tapered shape allows for extremely fast and high-quality undisturbed installation in majority of soil types.
  • Ability to measure the true soil profile, NOT slurry.
  • Buriable to any depth.
  • Pre-normalised sensors with inbuilt default calibration equations.
  • Access soil profile data through IrriMAX Live.
  • Available with moisture, salinity and temperature sensors at every 10 cm (4 inches) depth.


  • Best choice for short-term use, such as the monitoring of vegetable crops, due to the fast and easy install and extraction techniques.
  • Reliable option for long-term use, as it can be installed and left untouched for many years.
  • Manage irrigations to save water, power, fertilizer and time, along with increased yields and quality.
  • Fast and undisturbed, slurry-free installation procedure, increasing the validity of soil moisture and salinity readings.
  • Combine soil moisture, salinity and temperature readings to see what’s happening in the soil profile.

Drill & Drop probes consists of a probe rod with integrated electronics and associated cables. Two probe types are available RS232/RS485 or SDI-12:

  • RS232 communication to a Sentek PLUS DTU
  • RS485 communication to a Sentek MULTI DTU
  • RS232 or RS485 to a third-party Modbus logger
  • SDI-12 communications to a third-party SDI-12 logger.

The Single Point Sensor is available with SDI-12 connection only, for communication to a third-party SDI-12 logger.

NEW! Series III Drill & Drop probes:

  • The RS232/RS485 probe is preconfigured with the firmware appropriate to the DTU to which it will be connected i.e. Sentek PLUS, Sentek MULTI, Modbus RS232 or RS485 third party loggers.
  • You can change the probe type (RS232 or RS485) by uploading new firmware into the probe (see manual for details)

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