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Sentek design, develop, manufacture, support and globally distribute best-in-class technology for measuring and managing moisture, salinity and temperature of soil.

Our Products

Soil Moisture Probes

Soil Moisture Probes

Sentek sensors use capacitance technology to provide near continuous measurements within the soil profile. The range includes simple single point sensors, through to single probes with multiple sensors to record soil water, temperature, and salinity data at multiple depths.

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Telemetry & Data Transfer

Telemetry & Data Transfer

Monitor your soil moisture levels, no matter where you are. Sentek probes work with multiple interface types and data transfer options from cabled connections to cellular and satellite transmission.  Third party interfaces are also supported with standard protocols (SDI-12, MODBUS 232/485).

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Advanced Software

Advanced Software

The high resolution data displayed in IrriMAX software gives valuable insight into water and solute movement, and plant water uptake. The desktop version offers advanced analytics, and IrriMAX Live provides access via the web and is accessible from smart devices.

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Complete Solutions

Complete Solutions

Sentek has a complete solution with logging probes configured to measure soil moisture, temperature and salinity. The logging probes are paired with telemetry devices to send your data to our highly regarded IrriMAX software.

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Making Sense of Soil Water

Measure soil water and salinity data at multiple depths in the soil profile through the use of a single probe with multiple sensors.
The high resolution data displayed in Sentek’s powerful IrriMAX software gives valuable information and insights into water and solute movement and plant water uptake, under ever-changing soil, growth and weather conditions.



Our products have applications in irrigation and rain-fed agriculture, research projects, parks, gardens, mining and environmental management.
We revolutionized soil moisture, fertilizer and salinity management with our range of sensing solutions. Sentek’s technology makes it easy to measure and analyse the interactions between plants, water, soils and the atmosphere.
We have developed solutions and know-how for diverse applications in specialized areas.

Our Strengths

Measurement of Soil Water, Salinity and Temperature

Tracking the changes in soil moisture provides valuable insights into the complex interactions between plants, soils and the weather. Sentek technologies helps you see what is truly happening, to support better decision making.

High Resolution Data

Sentek soil moisture sensors provide a high data resolution, with changes in moisture of >0.01 % able to be detected. This means that movement of water through the profile, and plant uptake, can be tracked to a scientific standard.

Quality Local Knowledge and Support

Sentek products are sold and supported by a network of highly trained dealers. They are your local experts in site selection, installation, setup, ongoing product care and data analysis.

Site Calibration

Each individual sensor on a Sentek probe contains a default calibration equation, providing a robust universal measure of soil water content. For increased accuracy, site specific calibration equations from Sentek’s library can be applied.

Innovative and Reliable Technology

We are serious about product development and testing, using field and laboratory trials. Sentek products are designed to meet the highest standards, and our manufacturing processes are focused on quality.

Site and Data Integrity

Sentek probes are installed using carefully designed tools to ensure a good fit between the probe exterior and the soil. With no air gaps and no damage to the surrounding profile, data quality is assured.

Make Better Irrigation Decisions

When to irrigate

Measure water content at each depth, and the rate of daily water use from within the soil, so you know how much needs to be applied.  Set parameter limits and apply water at the rate required to maintain optimum plant conditions.

Crop Growth and Vigour

Identify where the active root zone is by monitoring the exact moment water uptake started, and review wetting fronts to ensure that sufficient moisture is available to roots at the right depth.  Measure root vigor changes and adapt irrigation accordingly.

Wetting pattern distribution

How is the water spreading out from the emitter? At Sentek we call this the “wetting onion” and it can be visualised using two probes and our 2D charting tools.  Armed with this information, decisions can be made around scheduling and application strategies including pulsing irrigation.

Monitor Groundwater Movement

Prevent Leaching

Sentek probe measurements of moisture and solute concentrations within and below the root zone are vital to ensure water is only applied within the root zone.  This avoids contamination of groundwater through the leaching of salts and fertilizer.

Flood Prediction

With sensors placed deep into the ground at multiple locations, an increase in soil moisture can be monitored – alerts can then be sent before the ground reaches saturation point.

Aquifer Recharge

Sentek probes are used to monitor ground moisture levels and movement to aquifers as part of MAR (managed aquifer recharge) projects.

Quality Data for Research

Accurate Soil Water Data

Sentek soil moisture data measurements are based on a robust universal calibration equation. Validated by independent peer reviewed research, Sentek probes can be used with confidence in scientific studies.

Monitor soil water evaporation and plant transpiration

The scientifically valid measurements of soil moisture can be used in conjunction with climatic date to measure ET crop.

Unbeatable knowledge and experience

With over 25 years working experience in all soil types, crops, and climatic zones – Sentek’s research scientists are able to provide valuable advice and insight to assist with research projects around the world.

Insights For Crop Yield And Quality

Reduce Water Use - and Costs

By applying only the water required and avoiding leaching below the root zone, water wastage is avoided while maintaining optimum growth conditions.

Monitor Fertilizer Applications

Volumetric Ion content readings from Sentek’s TriSCAN probes respond to changes in salt concentration. The movement of salts through the soil profile can be measured and monitored.

Reporting and Benchmarking

Monitor and compare water use against the yields for multi-field and multi-location farms.   Clearly identify your best performing plots and see how your farm managers are making informed decisions.

Leaders in their field

We are proud to work with progressive organisations globally.

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