Product Overview

Sentek specialises in soil data probes, telemetry and data transfer, irrigation decision aiding software and complete solutions. We make smart irrigation and sensor technologies to help you measure and understand soil moisture, temperature and salinity data time series. Multiple sensors on a probe ensure profile dynamics and measurements.

Our innovations include the award-winning EnviroSCAN, Drill & Drop and IrriMAX software ensuring we set the industry standard for design, precision and durability in agriculture, research and environmental management. Our products include:

Soil Data Probes

Telemetry & Data Transfer

Irrigation Decision Aiding Software

Soil Data Probes


Our award-winning EnviroSCAN probe is the only commercially available product that can monitor soil moisture, salinity, temperature and humidity at depths up to 40 metres.

The probe delivers a deep understanding of your soil offering flexibility and precision monitoring at multiple depths.

EnviroSCAN can be used for vineyards, tree crops, research projects, irrigated and dryland crops as well as environmental and landscape management.

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Drill & Drop

Our Drill & Drop probe accurately measures soil moisture, temperature and salinity.

The probe is fully encapsulated, quick and easy to install and can be completely buried to reduce the risk of machinery damage.

Our probes come in four lengths:

• 30 cm (12 inch)
• 60 cm (24 inch)
• 90 cm (36 inch)
• 120 cm (48 inch)

Sensors are fixed to the probe in 10 centimetre (4 inch) increments. You can purchase a probe at any length with your choice of either:

1. soil moisture and temperature sensors
2. soil moisture and temperature plus salinity sensors

Our Drill & Drop SDI-12 is also available as a single point sensor, at 10 cm (4 inches) in length

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Drill & Drop Bluetooth

Our Drill & Drop Bluetooth probe is a simple, powerful soil moisture monitoring tool.

The probe is designed for ease of use. Data can be collected on your mobile phone using our app without the need for complex, and expensive cellular, and satellite modem telemetry.

Drill & Drop Bluetooth can be used for vegetable crops, flower farming, berries, crop research and consulting as well as tree pots and nurseries.

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Diviner 2000

Our Diviner 2000 is a portable and robust device that measures water at 10 centimetre intervals, for up to 16 depth levels, through the soil profile. Our patented ‘swipe and go’ technology provides and accurate and instant soil snapshot and can take moisture readings in a matter of seconds.

The probe is designed to take soil profile measurements every few seconds wherever an access tube has been installed. It can monitor up to 99 sites at any one time and comes with a hand-held data logging display unit so you can take field readings instantly, accurately and affordably and easily transfer data.

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Our SoluSAMPLER assists to monitor salt and nutrient movement in the root zone.

The sampler draws moisture from the surrounding soil and stores it in an inert ceramic cup for collection and analysis. The ceramic cup is available in two different types: light flow which is suitable for most applications and high flow which can be used in light texture and moist soils and for rapid sampling.

SoluSAMPLER can be used for vineyards, irrigated and dryland cropping, tree crops, research projects as well as environmental and landscape management.

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Telemetry & Data Transfer

PLUS Compact

A low profile design with a long-life battery.

Features include:

  • a simple complete monitoring solution
  • data transmission via modem
  • tested and proven design built to perform reliably in tough conditions
  • uses a SIM card, to send data to the internet*
  • optional high gain antenna for improved coverage
  • built in long-life battery – no solar panel means less obstructions

*Satellite technology can be used as an alternative

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PLUS Standard

Instantly access all the data you need without going back into the field.

Features include:

  • 12-volt battery with solar panel for low maintenance self-charging
  • located in close proximity to the probe via five meters of cable
  • data transmission via cellular or satellite modem with antenna
  • front panel connectivity for local downloading – for data access if telecommunication services are unavailable

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Sentek SOLO

Convenient and portable storage for your soil moisture, temperature and salinity data.

Features include:

  • manual data collection via transportable SoloPORTER USB device
  • optional direct download via cable connection to laptop
  • same interface as Sentek PLUS allowing for simple upgrade to wireless communications

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Monitor irrigation systems, climate and soil conditions for any site.

Features include:

  • ability to create a customised system using multiple inputs
  • connect up to two cabled soil moisture probes
  • add-on connections to temperature, rain and irrigation monitoring systems
  • data transmission via cellular or satellite modem

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A cabled solution with up to eight probes per logger.

Features include:

  • provides flexibility in probe placement and data retrieval options
  • represents good value, as an alternative to maintaining wireless networks without the costs associated with telemetry at every sensor site
  • in-field logger can connect up to eight probes via cables
  • high gain antenna can be positioned above tree canopies for improved range
  • solar powered for low maintenance
  • cable length up to 500 meters
  • data retrieval in-field using cable to laptop

Important: salinity and temperature sensors are not compatible with this option.

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Irrigation Decision Aiding Software

IrriMAX Desktop

Our IrriMAX software system can be downloaded to your computer so you can instantly see changes in soil moisture, salinity and temperature. IrriMAX enables you to make better irrigation management decisions using easy to understand graphs and reports.

Devices: Desktop and laptop computers
Platform: Version 10.1 of IrriMAX is compatible with Windows 8 and 10

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IrriMAX Live

IrriMAX Live is a subscription-based online portal that displays integrated soil moisture, salinity, and temperature data. This intuitive platform is based on Sentek’s acclaimed IrriMAX Desktop version and allows real-time monitoring of water use for precision irrigation management.

Devices: All smart devices with internet
Platform: Works on iOS and Android and accessed through web browser

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Satellite Spectral Imagery – Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)

Satellite Spectral Imagery – Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) Sentek Technologies now offers an investigative tool exclusive to IrriMAX Live. Used by irrigators, IrriMAX Live presents a Google Map View of the selected property where water gauges and soil status is available. NDVI images are satellite images taken throughout cropping season. This is an optional […]

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Weather Forecasting Service MeteoBlue

Weather Forecasting Service MeteoBlue Information Sheet Sentek has partnered with MeteoBlue to offer a 7-day weather forecast database for any location on Earth. Sophisticated models are employed to predict temperature, rainfall, ET, humidity, pressure, wind speed and wind-direction at hourly intervals for a latitude/longitude of your choice Forecast data is retained to provide a historical […]

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IrriMAX Live- Root Analysis

Learn more about your crops root activity by switching on Root Detection in IrriMAX Live!

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IrriMAX Live: Weather Forecasting by MeteoBlue

Sentek has partnered with meteoblue to offer a 7-day weather forecast database for any location on Earth. Forecast data is retained to provide a historical record of conditions.

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IrriMAX Live- Daily water use for your crops

Learn more about the Dynamics of Daily Evapotranspiration.

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IrriMAX Live- Irrigation Analysis

Learn more about IrriMAX and its new feature: Root Detection and Analysis!

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Tested And Validated By A Global Scientific Community

In addition to this, Sentek technologies have been rigorously tested, and validated, by the global scientific community for decades making them a proven research solution. There are many papers available assessing the accuracy of our probes and the quality of our calibration algorithms.

We have also achieved the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 certification that proves our quality management system is world-class, our products comply with consumer and regulatory standards and Sentek is a brand you can trust.

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Open Integration Platform

Sentek soil moisture probes are used globally in agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, research and mining as well as wastewater, landscape and environmental management. Our commitment to delivering valuable, market driven outcomes to customers is the result of strong, collaborative relationships with our solution partners.

In the early 2000s, we adopted an open integration platform and began working with other technology companies to provide soil moisture monitoring solutions for a range of different markets. This open integration platform means that Sentek probes can be connected to a range of other technologies and data retrieval systems.

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