Software And Analysis FAQs

Your questions answered about reporting and soil intelligence.

What insights can I gain from my soil moisture data?

There are a range of soil moisture parameters that can be numerically quantified using your IrriMAX software including:

  • daily crop water use
  • daily evaporative and drainage loss from the soil profile
  • the depth and distribution of the root zone
  • fertilizer impacts and salinity trends
  • saturation points
  • the onset of stress
  • the recording of implemented irrigation strategies

Can measurements taken by my Triscan determine electrical conductivity (ECE) from volumetric ION content (VIC)?

A relationship between volumetric ion content and EC1:5 (ECe) can be determined by plotting the average VIC against physical EC measurements using linear regression.

My IrriMAX data is showing 'spikes': what are they and how do I remove them?

A spike is an unexpected change to a graph’s shape that can be caused by environmental factors such as water entering the access tube, lightning strikes or faulty hardware issues. You can remove spikes from your data using the spike remover utility in IrriMAX.

What are the system requirements for IrriMAX desktop software?

The system requirements are:

Operating System: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista

CPU: 900MHz (minimum)

Memory: 128MB

How do I install IrriMAX live?

Access is via any web device – your computer, phone or tablet will all display IrriMAX Live. Because it is a web application, rather than an app, it is always compatible and not impacted by Android or iOS system updates.

IrriMAX Live is subscription based, contact Sentek or your local dealer to learn more.

What should I do if I get errors trying to install, or licence, my IrriMAX software?

Check that antivirus software or firewall settings aren’t conflicting with IrriMAX system files.

Can I import and export soil moisture data in and out of my IrriMAX software?

The data exchange utility in Sentek’s IrriMAX software system makes it possible to transfer data to and from various IrriMAX sources and destinations. Data can be downloaded as a .csv text file or a .xls Excel spreadsheet.

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