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Connecting Farmers, Researchers, And Engineers To Soil Moisture Technology

Have you considered adding Sentek Technologies to your business? Take a closer look at the benefits of becoming a Sentek Dealer.

The long term success of Sentek has been built on relationships with dealers that possess the right skill sets for success. Sentek’s aim is to ensure that our dealers are able to deliver soil moisture monitoring products and quality advice into the market with the highest level of capability and knowledge.

Sentek has designed and commercialised over 20 different product offerings. These include a range of soil moisture and salinity probes, installation tools and our software IrriMAX™.

IrriMAX is designed to maximise the insights and management possibilities offered by our high resolution data.

Sales are worldwide through a network of skilled distributors who sell into a variety of different markets including:

  • over 100 different irrigated crops
  • dryland applications grains, pasture and forestry
  • environmental monitoring in areas such as wastewater disposal, landfill, mining and and catchment scale monitoring
  • research and education
  • turf, parks and gardens

Sentek remains committed to innovation and continues to invest profits back into research and development.

We pride ourselves on the support given to our range of customers working in applications that require understanding of soil-plant-water-atmosphere dynamics.

Our extensive range of probes and data transfer systems means there’s a solution for every situation… From the fast and easy installation of tapered Drill & Drop probes to the highly regarded EnviroSCAN, with custom lengths to allow deep monitoring.

Assist Your Customers With Improved Knowledge For Management Decisions

  • Guidance on when to irrigate, and optimal refill point
  • Determination of actual ET and crop water usage
  • Forward prediction of water demand based on daily water use
  • Calculate field capacity, PAW and RAW
  • Measure plant stress in days, caused by either water logging or water deficit
  • Determine soil infiltration rates to develop optimal irrigation rates and timing
  • Monitor root growth and depth of water uptake
  • Establish a baseline for soil salinity, and monitor accumulation and leaching
  • Determine when to apply fertilizer and measure its movement through the soil profile

Sentek’s Proven, Accurate And Reliable Technology Monitors Critical Aspects Of Soil Conditions To Back Better Decision-Making.

Successful Sentek Dealers Have Strengths Across Three Core Areas – Do You Have What It Takes?

Soils Knowledge

  • Understanding of interactions between plants, soil and water
  • Commitment to training and ongoing professional development in Sentek products
  • Ability to interpret soil moisture data and provide advice to customers

Sales & Marketing Focus

  • Supporting Sentek as the preferred supplier of soil moisture monitoring equipment to the business
  • Commitment to promote Sentek products through field days, trade shows, customer events, advertising and other pro-active marketing activities
  • Participating in Sentek’s dealer conferences and regional meetings
  • Providing Sentek with forecasts and sales & marketing plans

Technical Capability

  • Ability to problem solve and offer support to your customers
  • Broad understanding of the concepts of sensors, data capture and transmission
  • Be confident in handling the physical aspects of installing soil moisture probes
  • Commitment to read and view training materials, and follow steps


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