Need Validation of Sentek’s Soil Moisture, Salinity and Temperature Monitoring & Management Technology? Choose From Over Ten Thousand Highly Competitive Farms.

Some of the world’s best performing farms use our technology. They know we provide the smartest way to monitor & manage soils for exceptional yields and quality. In doing so, these farmers see savings and greater profits across every aspect of their operation.

Our full range of probes means there’s a solution for every crop. The fast, slurry-free installation of tapered Drill & Drop probes, are predominantly used in seasonal crops and come in a range of different length configurations.

EnviroSCAN probes are well suited to perennial and tree crops. They are repairable and upgradable with custom lengths and flexible sensor placement.

With IrriMAX software, you can accurately manage the soil health with real-time information presented in a clear and simple to understand graphical format. Additionally, IrriMAX Live and IrriMAX Premium desktop send automated email alerts based on the specified parameters for soil moisture, salinity, temperature and humidity.

Decision-making information is based on science and is clear and easy to understand.

This flexible monitoring & management system enables farmers to intelligently respond to conditions as needed, ensuring the optimal quantity of water and fertiliser for each crop is applied at precisely the right time during the growing phase.

No guesswork, no unnecessary applications and a lot less waste.

Sentek telemetry
Sentek automatic weather station with MULTI telemetry, on a potato farm in South Australia
EnviroSCAN potato field
Mr Peter Buss, chief scientist Sentek, inspecting an EnviroSCAN probe in a potato field at the end of harvest
Drill & Drop profile
Showing undisturbed installation of the Drill & Drop tapered probe into the soil profile
Sentek's R&D truck, on a mixed cropping farm, checking on field trials.

Sentek’s proven, accurate and reliable technology monitors changes in soil moisture, temperature and salinity – supporting farmers and advisors in complex decision-making for their crops.

Measure. Know. Advance.

With Sentek, farmers can work to reduce water and fertiliser costs, and rein in spiralling labour and fuel costs. Probe data gives insight into the growing and harvesting conditions, farmers can respond to enjoy increased crop yields, improved quality (and higher sales price), more consistent product, reduced need for pesticides, security of supply contracts, greater ability to meet market specifications, and control over time to market.

Plus, Sentek enables users to record data to identify yearly patterns and make forecasts about crops and soils, manage soil salinity and gain insights to assist in fine-tuning farm management.

These benefits are applicable to both dryland farming and irrigated farming. And they have been proven on corporate, family and hobby farms around the globe – in a wide range of crops, soil types, and climatic conditions.  All of this is backed up by Sentek’s strong technical and agronomic support.

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