When everything hinges on your data’s precision, why risk it?

With soil moisture sensors able to detect changes in moisture of >0.01 % Volumetric Moisture Content, researchers can understand the soil water uptake patterns of plants and track the movement of water, with precision, through profiles. Data loggers/transmitters can be set to record and upload information at customised time intervals.

Sentek’s soil moisture probes allow user defined or site specific calibration equations. Researchers can take into account different soil types and produce extremely accurate and valuable data. Sentek offers a proven research solution, rigorously tested and validated by the global scientific community during decades of data collection.

For long-term projects, Sentek can be relied upon to keep measuring as borne out historically since our founding in 1991. Probes commissioned more than 18 years ago are still in use today. Sentek sensors work with extreme accuracy, even under saline conditions (>20dS/m), and across every water content level, from oven dry to saturation. Additionally, the EnviroSCAN probes are fully field serviceable – sensor positions can be adjusted as needed without affecting data integrity.

Sentek also offers researchers the ultimate in flexibility, making it easy to upscale research products or build upon monitoring systems that are already in place. Those starting with Diviner portable monitoring can upgrade to continuous monitoring using EnviroSCAN in the same access tubes.

Integration is possible with a range of third party data loggers, radio telemetry devices, weather stations, cellular and satellite communication modules and irrigation controllers.

For those undertaking projects in plant growth and development, groundwater, soils or water management, Sentek offers a complete range of monitoring and measuring equipment recording at depths from 10 centimetres to 40 metres.

Sentek telemetry
Sentek automatic weather station with MULTI telemetry, on a potato farm in South Australia
EnviroSCAN potato field
Mr Peter Buss, chief scientist Sentek, inspecting an EnviroSCAN probe in a potato field at the end of harvest
Drill & Drop profile
Showing undisturbed installation of the Drill & Drop tapered probe into the soil profile
Monitoring water use at a cereal crop field trial

Sentek supports Researchers with accurate and reliable monitoring equipment, which has been independently peer reviewed and validated.

Measure. Know. Advance.

Once the probe data is collected, Sentek’s IrriMAX software enables researchers to gain insights and knowledge, graphically representing the data to improve interpretation and understanding. These graphs can then be readily converted to numerical analysis for final validation of theories and concepts.

Sentek can provide insights into:

•       Root activity and architecture

•       Response to drought and climate change

•       Management strategies for water scarcity and food security

•       Crop water use using ET and Kc

•       Optimum water management strategies

•       Linking water content to carbon models

•       Crop rootstock genotype comparisons

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