Wetting Pattern Analyser FAQs

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So what is a wetting & drying pattern analyser?

Drip irrigation and particularly Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation (SDI) is still regarded by many irrigators as a management challenge. Confusion still reigns about when and how much to irrigate, as the size and overlap of the wetting pattern as affected by soil texture, dripper spacing, dripper rate, duration of irrigation, frequency of irrigation, crop water uptake as affected by crop stage and weather is not known.

Sentek saw an opportunity to develop an add-on software module which works with IrriMAX Live to visualize and quantify:

  • Wetting pattern dynamics under drip
  • Establishment of critical wetting patterns for irrigation scheduling (too dry and too wet)
  • Fertilizer distribution patterns under drip
  • Crop water and nutrient uptake patterns under drip or dryland agriculture
  • Seasonal crop root architecture development
  • Soil water and nutrient leaching under drip

This new software utilizes and processes data from at least 2 probes per site.

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