Ensure you have accurate data to establish facts and inform management strategies.  Develop reports for regulators and stakeholders.

Sentek has been helping to take care of our environment for more than 25 years.  The environmental applications for our soil moisture monitoring equipment are diverse; from mining rehabilitation and compliance monitoring to developing climate change response strategies and management plans.

Sentek soil water monitoring equipment delivers proactive, continuous, real-time risk management.  Sentek technologies track solutes – enabling nutrient leaching, salinity changes to be monitored by measuring changes at different depths through the soil profile.

For long-term projects, Sentek can be relied upon to perform. EnviroSCAN probes commissioned more than 25 years ago are still in use today. Sentek sensors work with impressive accuracy, even in high salinity (>20dS/m), and across every water content level, from oven dry to saturation. Additionally, EnviroSCAN are fully field serviceable – the sensor positions can be adjusted as needed, or swapped out and replaced, without affecting data integrity.

Data loggers can be set to record readings in intervals from once per minute to once per day (or more), depending on the specified insights required.  When viewed in Sentek’s powerful IrriMAX software this data can be modeled and reported to understand the processes occuring in the vadose zone, leaching, percolation, evaporation, canopy interception, and infiltration.  Groundwater levels and lateral movement can also be tracked.

With accurate measurement of soil water content at various depths in the profile, the data captured can be used to understand hydrological cycles, track salt movement, monitor rising water tables, and demonstrate the effectiveness of revegetation programs.

Further, real-time information can be used to trigger alerts via email and text message, supporting the activation of responsive management plans to prevent environmental problems from occurring.

Deep monitoring using EnviroSCAN in a forest planted with native species, irrigated with water from a coal seam gas project.
EnviroSCAN being installed into access tube, deep installation for groundwater monitoring.
EnviroSCAN being installed into access tube, deep installation for groundwater monitoring.
Sentek EnviroSCAN monitoring a recycled water application in a new housing development
Soil water monitoring at remote locations made easier with Sentek's solar powered telemetry transmitting via satellite connection.

Sentek provides quality monitoring systems for environmental management and compliance.

Measure. Know. Advance.

Soil water, solute and temperature data collected from Sentek probes enables environmental engineers to better understand the true values and changes that are occurring below ground.  Graphically representing the data in IrriMAX software improves interpretation and allows further modelling. These graphs can be exported for further numerical analysis, or to build into a larger data set for final determination and reporting.

Sentek can provide insights into:

  • Prevention of groundwater contamination
  • Flood forecasting
  • Wastewater management
  • Leachate management
  • Landfill
  • Nitrogen leaching
  • Cleantech
  • Forecasting
  • Climate change strategies and prevention solutions
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