Our SoluSAMPLER assists to monitor salt and nutrient movement in the root zone. It is used to extract soil water samples at required depths.

The sampler draws moisture from the surrounding soil and stores it in an inert ceramic cup for collection and analysis. The ceramic cup is available in two different types: light flow which is suitable for most applications and high flow which can be used in light texture and moist soils and for rapid sampling.

SoluSAMPLER can be used for vineyards, irrigated and dryland cropping, tree crops, research projects as well as environmental and landscape management.

  • Incorporates SARDI soil water extraction technologies.
  • A custom designed ceramic cup, available with different pore sizes to suit the soil type it is used in.
  • Once under vacuum, the extractor draws moisture from the surrounding soil and stores it in the inert ceramic cup awaiting collection and analysis.
  • The solution extracted into the cup retains its ionic integrity as the ceramic does not influence the solutes.
  • The ceramic cup is glued to a length of 40 millimetre PVC conduit, housing an extraction tube with a two way stopcock.
  • Complements probes with TriSCAN sensors, enabling precise site specific analysis of soil pore water salinity content.
  • Soil pore water samples can be extracted from the ceramic cup using a syringe and analyzed using a Portable Electrical Conductivity (EC) Meter, nitrate strips or laboratory analysis.
  • Improve crop quality and yield by using soil solution monitoring to track salinity and nitrate levels in the soil.
  • Reduce the risk of harmful salt accumulation in the root zone due to irrigation.
  • Measurements can detect salt before visual symptoms are seen.
  • Minimise the risk of serious health consequences caused by nitrates leaching into groundwater.

We recommend using a SoluSAMPLER with probes that include TriSCAN® sensors.

Sample Analysis

Samples of soil pore water are extracted from the ceramic cup using a syringe. Analysis of the water can then be carried out by:

  • Portable Electrical Conductivity (EC) meter
  • Nitrate strips
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Vineyards
  • Irrigated and dryland cropping
  • Tree crops
  • Environmental applications
  • Research
  • Landscapes

SoluSAMPLER (select High or Low Flow), Syringe, and User Manual

Information Guide

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