How do you maintain healthy turf, parks and gardens – while reducing water use?

Sentek enables you to see deep into the soil profile and understand, rather than guess at, what is happening and what the best management response should be.

Effective management of soil moisture and salinity delivers many overlapping benefits to the triple bottom line – profits, people and planet – for private, public and government organizations.

With the water being delivered exactly where and when it is needed, plant growth can be optimized and managed. Sentek probes can show you the soil moisture content at various depths, supporting better decision making regarding irrigation rates and timing.  Effective fertilizer applications can also be planned and monitored.

Delivering just the right amount of water results in healthier, more attractive turf and gardens. Continuous real-time monitoring of soil moisture makes it possible to avoid plant stress arising from too little or too much water. Similarly, measuring and tracking salinity is critical when working to deliver the best growing conditions – and can be important when applying reclaimed water to the landscape.

The EnviroSCAN probe can be installed to great depths, for monitoring of advanced and significant trees, and to understand discharge to groundwater.  The tapered and encapsulated Drill & Drop is simple to install, and with lengths from 10cm to 120cm, suits uses such as annual floral displays, perennial beds, turf, and tree establishment.

Where continuous monitoring is not required, we recommend the Diviner 2000 portable soil water measuring system.

Installing a Flat Cap EnviroSCAN into a golf course, the turf will be replaced and the probe will be at ground level.
Preparing the tapered hole for insertion of Drill & Drop into turf
Deep installation of EnviroSCAN to monitor water uptake of significant trees
EnviroSCAN installed to monitor water use in an area planted with Australian native plants.

Sentek is the first choice in monitoring for Parks, Gardens, Sports Grounds, Racetracks, Schools and Golf Courses.

Measure. Know. Advance.

Data from Sentek probes is viewed in IrriMAX software,  providing graphical representations of the soil moisture, salinity and temperature data.  By viewing the values at various depths through the soil profile, insights can be gained to:

  • Track root development as it moves down the soil profile, see how much water is being taken up at each depth
  • Monitor responses to drought and climate change
  • Optimize irrigation strategies, adjustments to emitters, rates and timing can be monitored for effectiveness
  • Compare water use across different trees, groundcovers, lawns, and ornamental display beds
  • Measure the results of soil amelioration efforts to determine any changes in water retention or drainage
  • Develop best practice management techniques to prepare grounds for major events, and for recovery post event
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