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Sentek is the first choice for monitoring and maintaining the health of parks, gardens, sports grounds, racetracks, schoolgrounds and golf courses. Our products provide accurate and reliable data about soil profiles so you can apply the best management response and reduce your water use. Private, public and government organizations can all benefit from managing soil moisture and salinity more effectively to boost the triple bottom line: profit, people and the planet.

Soil moisture management for maximum results

The Sentek range of soil moisture probes and advanced software systems allows you to optimize and manage the growth of your turf and plants by showing where water is needed and when. Our probes can indicate soil moisture content at various depths helping you make more informed decisions about irrigation rates and timing as well as fertilizer applications. Delivering the right amount of water at the correct time means you can grow healthier and more attractive turf and gardens. Continuous real time monitoring of soil moisture also reduces the chance of plants experiencing stress from too little, or too much, water. In situations where you are applying reclaimed water to soil, our TriSCAN sensor products can help you measure and track salinity so you can create optimal conditions for plant growth.

Built for landscaping

If you are managing advanced and significant trees, the EnviroSCAN probe can be installed to great depths (up to 40 metres) to monitor growth and understand groundwater discharge. For annual floral displays, perennial beds, turf and tree establishment, you can use the tapered and encapsulated Drill & Drop probe which is simple to install and can be completely buried, allowing safe movement of people and machinery. 

The Drill & Drop Bluetooth offers a cable-free option, allowing data collection via mobile phone – removing the need for solar panels and modems.  Both the cabled and cable-free options are available in lengths ranging from 10 to 120 centimetres (4” to 120”).

In situations where continuous monitoring is not needed, we recommend the Diviner 2000 portable soil water measuring system. By using our probes to collect your data, you can then use an advanced software system like Sentek IrriMAX to graphically display your soil moisture, salinity and temperature information in an easy to understand format.  

Insights for effective management

Sentek probes record information at various depths of the soil profile so you can:

  • track root development as water moves through the soil profile so you can see how moisture is being absorbed at different levels
  • monitor drought and climate change responses to drought
  • optimize irrigation strategies and monitor adjustments to emitters, rates and timing for maximum effectiveness
  • compare water use across different trees, groundcovers, lawns, and ornamental display beds
  • measure the results of soil amelioration efforts to determine water, retention or drainage changes
  • develop best practice event management techniques for ground preparation and restoration
  • monitor and protect the health of advanced and significant trees
  • easily prepare management reports on water use and plant health

Explore case studies and research

Improved Turf Irrigation Strategies From 2D Insights

Two Drill & Drop™ probes were installed into separate areas of the Central Lawn at the Adelaide Zoo: one in a high pedestrian traffic area and one in an adjacent more sheltered region. Volumetric Soil Water Content (VWC) readings were collected continuously at 30 minute intervals for a period of 6 months. Comparisons were made of the data to determine the effects of pedestrian compaction and any observable soil textural differences.

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Insights vs Instincts: Making The Right Irrigation Decisions

Joe Cook, a lucerne grower based in Keith, South Australia talks about his irrigation management, which involves combining Sentek probe data with the guidance of his skillful Sentek distributor Alpha Group Consulting. Joe explains the challenges he faces and how this management style has helped with changing his irrigation strategy throughout one season due to the different stages observed in lucerne.

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