sentek blueberries

2-D Moisture, Salinity and Temperature

Contouring of Blueberry plants grown in potted coco fibre growth media.

World first attempt on a Blueberry Farm in Chile in October 2016.

This field study involved blueberries grown in pots with coco fibre. 4 drippers per pot and 2 Drill & Drop probes were installed allowing the agronomist to measure soil moisture, salinity and temperature trends.

IrriMAX allowed to observe and analyse the soil moisture, salinity and temperature to match the needs of the crop with its environment in order to achieve the perfect balance.

This 2-D Video illustrates (1) How the water enters the soil (2) How fertilizer moves in the soil (3) how temperature change depending on the weather or position of the Sun as in this case.

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