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Telemetry & Data Transfer

Sentek provides flexibility and convenience for accessing data collected by our probes.

We have a range of data retrieval options that can send information to Sentek’s IrriMAX system for tracking and analysis which include:

PLUS Compact

A low profile design with a long-life battery.

Features include:

• a simple complete monitoring solution
• data transmission via modem
• tested and proven design built to perform reliably in tough conditions
• uses a SIM card, to send data to the internet*
• optional high gain antenna for improved coverage
• built in long-life battery – no solar panel means less obstructions

*Satellite technology can be used as an alternative

PLUS Standard

Instantly access all the data you need without going back into the field.

Features include:

• 12-volt battery with solar panel for low maintenance self-charging
• located in close proximity to the probe via five meters of cable
• data transmission via cellular or satellite modem with antenna
• front panel connectivity for local downloading – for data access if telecommunication services are unavailable

Sentek SOLO

Convenient and portable storage for your soil moisture, temperature and salinity data.

Features include:

• manual data collection via transportable SoloPORTER USB device
• optional direct download via cable connection to laptop
• same interface as Sentek PLUS allowing for simple upgrade to wireless communications


Monitor irrigation systems, climate and soil conditions for any site.

Features include:

• ability to create a customised system using multiple inputs
• connect up to two cabled soil moisture probes
• add-on connections to temperature, rain and irrigation monitoring systems
• data transmission via cellular or satellite modem


A cabled solution with up to eight probes per logger.

Features include:

• provides flexibility in probe placement and data retrieval options
• represents good value, as an alternative to maintaining wireless networks without the costs associated with telemetry at every sensor site
• in-field logger can connect up to eight probes via cables
• high gain antenna can be positioned above tree canopies for improved range
• solar powered for low maintenance
• cable length up to 500 meters
• data retrieval in-field using cable to laptop

Important: salinity and temperature sensors are not compatible with this option.