Only one probe delivers a deep understanding of your soil

This award-winning technology, is the only commercially available product that allows for monitoring to great depths (up to 40 metres) using the same profiling probe. Get greater flexibility plus precision monitoring at multiple depths in each soil profile.


Soil moisture, salinity and temperature or humidity.


Vineyards, irrigated and dryland cropping, tree crops, environmental applications, research, and landscapes.

Sentek Smart

With just one probe monitor 40 metres below and get the precise data needed for making clear-cut soil decisions.

What’s Included

Probe and access tube.

Probe Features

  • Select desired sensors to measure soil moisture, with optional salinity and/or temperature and access tube humidity
  • Easily adjust length in-field to suit application
  • Up to 16 sensors at 10cm intervals
  • Flexible depth placement from 0.1 to 40 metres
  • Inbuilt probe orientation and depth settings to increase sensor repeatability
  • RTV silicon conformal coating for extra circuit protection
  • Easy to service in-field

Access Tube Features

  • Protects sensors from direct soil contact, significantly increasing sensor life
  • Quick, easy, undisturbed installation option
  • Made for long-term use
  • Choice of base to suit predrilled, slurry or self-tapped hole
  • Protruding, tightly sealed screw cap OR ground-level, watertight flat cap (see below)
  • Improved sensor accuracy due to precise wall thickness and diameter
  • Easy access for in-field service and maintenance, avoids removing probe and affecting historical data integrity

The top of the access tube is sealed with one of two different top cap designs, depending on application.

EnviroSCAN Screw Cap

  • Top cap protrudes above the soil surface
  • Easy to find and readily accessible
  • Tightly sealed with a rubber O-ring
  • Simply unscrews, giving easy access to the probe for servicing

EnviroSCAN Flat Cap

  • Allows for the probe to sit flush with the ground surface
  • Water-tight, 3 point sealing design
  • Provides ready access to the probe for servicing
  • Avoids potentially costly damage from machinery



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