Drill & Drop Probe with Bluetooth,  for easy data collection and transfer via your phone!

The Drill & Drop Bluetooth probe is a simple, powerful soil moisture monitoring tool.
Designed for ease of use, the data is collected via your phone using an app and the Bluetooth connection.  Then upload to the cloud for display in IrriMAX Live using cellular/mobile data, or wait until you are back in a wi-fi zone.

  • Fast to install

  • Cable free

  • Battery powered

  • Easy to relocate

View Data from Your Phone, Laptop or Tablet

Once downloaded to the Connect App, your data is then uploaded to IrriMAX Live.

This intuitive web-based platform allows real-time monitoring of crop water use for precision irrigation management.

Remote access and sharing of data is simple and easy to setup.

Smart device views include map, graph, and list options.

Know how much water is available at all depths in the soil profile to support improved irrigation management.

Built with the proven and reliable Drill & Drop probe

The Bluetooth probe is an extension to our range of Drill & Drop probes, which are available with cabled connections to suit SDI-12, RS232 and RS485 communication protocols.

Drill & Drop probes have sensors every 10cm / 4″ along the probe depth, and are fully sealed.

This soil moisture probe has been a successful addition to the Sentek range, offering easy installation and accurate data.

Adding the Bluetooth enabled probe offers our customers additional flexibility in data collection and transfer.

Simple soil moisture monitoring


For fast growing crops make sure every irrigation is effective, track moisture from planting through to harvest for a quality crop. Simple to remove and reinstall.

Cut Flowers

Simple solution for monitoring soil temperature and water content.  Low to the ground this cable free probe won’t get in the way during picking.


Monitor root development and water uptake. The 30cm/1ft probe is ideal to place inside pots to monitor water movement through the substrate, and can be easily moved.

Crop Research

Easily collect data from multiple probes through one click on a smart phone. Simpler option for monitoring plant growth, root development, and water uptake as there are no cables running to telemetry devices. The probes are easily moved from project to project, giving you a greater return on your equipment investment.

Tree Pots, Nurseries

No more cables getting in the way in your nursery, move pots around knowing that the probe will keep reading.  Collect the moisture using your phone to build a picture of tree health and optimize your irrigation timing and rates.

Crop Consulting

Ideal for diagnostic work, the Bluetooth Drill & Drop probe is easy to install and easy to remove – so you can move it around rows and crops easily.  Monitor wetting patterns from drip irrigation by using two probes either side of the emitter and IrriMAX’s 2D analyzer feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it measure?

With the innovative tapered design and install technique, this probe measures the true soil profile.  It is available with moisture, temperature and salinity sensors at every 10cm / 4″ depth. Precise readings provide confidence in making advanced irrigation management decisions.

What’s Included?

The App is free to download.  The installation equipment can be purchased separately, and consists of a hardened plastic tripod with pins, and a tapered auger at the correct length for your probe depth.

Are there ongoing costs?

After the first year, the IrriMAX Live licence will need to be renewed. The Lithium battery will also need to be replaced after a year or two.

Is the Bluetooth probe available in all countries?

Each country and region has specific requirements that transmission devices such as the Drill & Drop Bluetooth probe needs to meet.  We have submitted specifications and gained approval for many of the countries our dealers are in.  For more information on product availability in your region please contact us.

Is my data secure?

Yes!  The access to the probes is locked down using a security key (Group ID) so the data cannot be accessed unless authorized. Further, once sent to your own secured IrriMAX database it can only be viewed by password authorized users, and is backed up on our servers

I’ve got an iPhone, is there an iOS App?

We are developing an iOS version that will be available through the iTunes/Apple app store.

Once final testing has been completed this will be released, most likely early in 2020.

What’s Inside?

How Is The Drill & Drop Bluetooth Soil Moisture Probe Installed?

  • Setup the tripod

    The installation tripod provides stability when drilling, ensuring a straight hole for the probe.

  • Drill the hole

    Tapered augers create a perfectly drilled hole for the probe, this fast method does NOT need a slurry.

  • Drop in the probe

    Wet down the probe with a light spray of water, then slide it into the drilled hole by hand. Gently push it down holding the probe below the blue cap.

  • Final position

    For the last push use the provided tool from Sentek to protect the cap. The final installed position should have the blue cap above ground.

How To Buy

Sentek soil moisture probes are sold through a network of trained dealers.

Your local Sentek dealer can assist with product selection, installation and data interpretation support.

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