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Soil Data Probes

Sentek soil moisture probes feature capacitance-based technology which means soil profile measurements can be taken on a near continuous basis. Our probes offer high resolution measuring and enable 1/100th of a per cent change repeatability.

Unlike other brands, Sentek soil moisture probes allow user defined or site-specific calibration equations to be applied to each individual sensor. Our products take different soil types into account and can record more accurate information resulting in more timely responses, better land control, more valuable research and improved crop management. Our probes are also designed for undisturbed soil installation without the need for messy slurries.

To enhance the reliability and accuracy of your data, our patented TriSCAN® sensors can distinguish between soil water and salinity content. When our soil data probes are used with TriSCAN sensors and Sentek’s IrriMAX advanced software system, the result is a comprehensive irrigation and fertilizer application management tool.


Our award-winning EnviroSCAN probe is the only commercially available product that can monitor soil moisture, salinity, temperature and humidity at depths up to 40 metres.

The probe delivers a deep understanding of your soil offering flexibility and precision monitoring at multiple depths.

EnviroSCAN can be used for vineyards, tree crops, research projects, irrigated and dryland crops as well as environmental and landscape management.

Drill & Drop

Our Drill & Drop probe accurately measures soil moisture, temperature and salinity.

The probe is fully encapsulated, quick and easy to install and can be completely buried to reduce the risk of machinery damage.

Our probes come in four lengths:

• 30 cm (12 inch)
• 60 cm (24 inch)
• 90 cm (36 inch)
• 120 cm (48 inch)

Sensors are fixed to the probe in 10 centimetre (4 inch) increments. You can purchase a probe at any length with your choice of either:

1. soil moisture and temperature sensors
2. soil moisture and temperature plus salinity sensors

Our Drill & Drop SDI-12 is also available as a single point sensor, at 10 cm (4 inches) in length

Drill & Drop Bluetooth

Our Drill & Drop Bluetooth probe is a simple, powerful soil moisture monitoring tool.

The probe is designed for ease of use. Data can be collected on your mobile phone using our app without the need for complex, and expensive cellular, and satellite modem telemetry.

Drill & Drop Bluetooth can be used for vegetable crops, flower farming, berries, crop research and consulting as well as tree pots and nurseries.

Diviner 2000

Our Diviner 2000 is a portable and robust device that measures water at 10 centimetre intervals, for up to 16 depth levels, through the soil profile. Our patented ‘swipe and go’ technology provides and accurate and instant soil snapshot and can take moisture readings in a matter of seconds.

The probe is designed to take soil profile measurements every few seconds wherever an access tube has been installed. It can monitor up to 99 sites at any one time and comes with a hand-held data logging display unit so you can take field readings instantly, accurately and affordably and easily transfer data.


Our SoluSAMPLER assists to monitor salt and nutrient movement in the root zone.

The sampler draws moisture from the surrounding soil and stores it in an inert ceramic cup for collection and analysis. The ceramic cup is available in two different types: light flow which is suitable for most applications and high flow which can be used in light texture and moist soils and for rapid sampling.

SoluSAMPLER can be used for vineyards, irrigated and dryland cropping, tree crops, research projects as well as environmental and landscape management.