Soil Data Probes

Sentek soil probes use capacitance based technology to provide near continuous measurements of the soil profile and its moisture content. With high resolution measuring, they also enable 1/100th % change repeatability.

Unlike other brands, our soil moisture probes allow user defined or site specific calibration equations to be applied to each individual sensor. This ability to account for different soil types delivers even greater accuracy – meaning more timely responses, better land control, more valuable research projects and improved crop management. As well, they are designed for undisturbed installation without the need for messy slurries.

By employing a patented measurement technique the TriSCAN® sensor is able to distinguish between soil water content and salt content. Coupled with Sentek’s IrriMAX software this becomes a comprehensive irrigation and fertigation management tool.

TriSCAN continuously tracks fertilizer and salinity as well as monitors soil moisture at multiple points in the soil profile offering users an ongoing and uninterrupted picture of what is happening in their crop root zone.

The  TriSCAN sensors are available for both the EnviroSCAN and Drill & Drop probes making them ideal for shallow rooted annual crops as well as deeper agricultural and environmental installations. With a choice of interfaces available, TriSCAN is easily integrated to a range of technologies including weather stations, data loggers and irrigation controllers.  The TriSCAN sensor is optimized for agriculture’s most common soil texture of sands and sandy loams.


Only one probe delivers you a seriously deep understanding of your soil.

This award-winning technology, is the only commercially available product that allows for
monitoring to great depths (up to 40 metres) using the same profiling probe. Get greater flexibility
plus precision monitoring at multiple selected depths in each soil profile.

EnviroSCAN probes are placed inside an access tube, which is fully sealed.  The probe can be easily pulled up for maintenance or to replace parts if needed – providing a long field life.  Available with either a flat cap for installation at ground level, or with a raised screw cap.

Drill & Drop

Fully encapsulated tapered probe for accurate results and ease of use.

Probes are available in four lengths, 30cm (12″) , 60cm (24”), 90cm (36″) and 120cm (48”),
with sensors fixed at every 10cm (4”) increment.
It is also available as a single point sensor (SDI-12 only).
Purchase options are any length with soil moisture + temperature sensors or soil moisture + temperature + salinity.

The Drill & Drop probe is fully encapsulated and can be completely buried, reducing the risk of machinery damage.

Diviner 2000

Take readings in the field – instantly, accurately and affordably.

Patented ‘Swipe and Go’ technology gives you an accurate snapshot of that moment and allows
soil moisture readings to be easily taken in seconds. Simply swipe the sensor in and out of the
access tube and record data for up to 16 depths at 10cm intervals.

Storing data for up to 99 sites, this is the probe you need for easy in-the-field monitoring and data transfer.