weather in irrimax

NEW – Weather Data Now Available In IrriMAX Live

About This Project

Weather data can now be added to IrriMAX Live for a soil moisture probe location.  This is an additional feature, paid via annual subscription.

Sentek has partnered with meteoblue to offer the ability to create a 7-day weather forecast database for any location on Earth.

Sophisticated models are employed to predict temperature, rainfall, ET, humidity, pressure, wind speed and wind-direction at hourly intervals for a latitude/longitude of your choice.

Forecast data is retained to provide a historical record of conditions.

Click here to visit the meteoblue website for information about their methods and data sources.

(You can only create a meteoblue database if you have a Sentek customer number linked to your IrriMAX Live account. If your access to IrriMAX Live is not provided by Sentek directly, then the manager of your account must create it and assign it to you.)

Customers/end-users that are interested in this feature should contact their Sentek dealer to discuss adding this to their soil moisture graphs.


meteoblue chart
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