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IrriMAX Desktop

Our IrriMAX software system can be downloaded to your computer so you can instantly see changes in soil moisture, salinity and temperature. IrriMAX enables you to make better irrigation management decisions using easy to understand graphs and reports.

The system can display data from individual sensors at various depths or from all the sensors combined to show:

  • the effectiveness and depth of infiltration of rainfall and irrigation
  • the depth of the active root zone at different times of the growing season
  • deep drainage
  • the amount of water uptake and evapotranspiration from different parts of the root zone
  • fluctuating water tables

In addition to displaying soil moisture, temperature and salinity data collected by Sentek probes, other key weather and plant monitoring data can also be imported and viewed using IrriMAX.


  • Functional workspace showing simple graphic overview and ‘fuel gauges’ of soil water status
  • across multiple sites.
  • Management lines can be set, defining water content above full point (shown in blue), sufficient water (in green) and the stress zone (in red).
  • Set alerts for notification before plant stress or waterlogging occurs.
  • Fast, simple and intuitive zooming and scrolling functions and tools.
  • Display data from individual sensor depths or summed over all depths.
  • Simple options for email and backup of workspaces and graphs.

Devices: Desktop and laptop computers

Platform: Version 10.1 of IrriMAX is compatible with Windows 8 and 10