Network settings_PLUS-MULTI (all modems)

Network settings_PLUS-MULTI (all modems)

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This download includes a .zip file containing Network Setting files for all currently supported modems used with Sentek Plus and MULTI Internet firmware.
Files should be extracted from the .zip file and the appropriate configuration file can be restored to the Sentek Plus-MULTI probe using the Probe Configuration software.

Configurations for Current Modems

Sentek Modem SM200:

For 4G Cat-M1 (HL7800)

  • SM200-HL7800 4G_Cat-M1 (#318).cfg

For 3G, 4G Cat-1 (HL7650), requires probe firmware 1.8.1 / 2.1.1 or later

  • SM200-HL7650 3G,4G_Cat-1 (#319).cfg

NetComm NTC-100:

For 4G LTE Cat M1, requires probe firmware 1.8.1  / 2.1.1 or later

  • NTC-100_M2M(#322).cfg -- APN pre configured to "telstra.m2m"
  • NTC-100_M2M_PIN(#322).cfg -- as above, for PIN locked SIM cards

Cinterion BGS2T:

For 2G GSM network.

  • Cinterion BGS2T blank APN (#268).cfg -- Blank APN, requires updating with carrier's APN
  • Cinterion BGS2T blank APN with PIN (#268).cfg -- as above, for PIN locked SIM cards
  • Cinterion BGS2T TeleKom (#268).cfg -- APN pre configured to ""

Maestro M113#NFB:

For 4G within the USA; e.g. Verizon.

  • Maestro M113 (#286).cfg

Sierra Wireless GL7500:

For 4G within the USA; e.g. Verizon.

  • Sierra Wireless GL7500 (#297).cfg

Configurations for all other supported Modems

NetComm & Sierra Wireless compatible 3G:

For 3G modems NetComm compatible modems including all: NTC-3000, Wavecom, Fastrack, and Sierra Wireless sold by Sentek as either '3G', 'GPRS' or 'NextG' solutions.

  • NetCommWireless_TELSTRA(#308).cfg
  • NetCommWireless_M2M(#308).cfg
  • NetCommWireless_AT&T(#308).cfg
  • NetCommWireless_TELSTRA_PIN(#308).cfg
  • NetCommWireless_M2M_PIN(#308).cfg
  • NetCommWireless_AT&T_PIN(#308).cfg

Novatel 3G AT&T:

For 3G Novatel modems supplied for the AT&T network in the USA.
Not approved by other networks, but may be suitable outside of the USA.

  • Novatel_SAG+_UMTS_PIN(#206).CFG
  • Novatel_SAG+_UMTS(#206).CFG

Novatel CDMA:

For all CDMA Novatel modems sold by Sentek in the USA.

  • CDMA_Novatel(#159).cfg

ETM9xxx Modems:

For ETM9xxx modems sold as the 'NextG' solution within Australia.

  • ETM9800(#159).cfg
  • ETM9900(#159).cfg
  • ETM9910(#159).cfg
  • ETM9140(#159).cfg
  • ETM9800_PIN(#159).cfg
  • ETM9900_PIN(#159).cfg
  • ETM9910_PIN(#159).cfg
  • ETM9140_PIN(#159).cfg

Sentek Probe Network Settings (210216).zipDownload 

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