Drill & Drop SDI-12 Firmware

Drill & Drop SDI-12 Firmware

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  • November 7, 2018 Create Date
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Supersedes Drill & Drop Firmware version 1.0.4

This version supports long probes, skipped sensors and latches sensor configuration on setting serial number or upgrading from previous versions not yet latched.


  • Power consumption for the measurement will be reduced from previous versions.
  • Firmware fixes an issue measuring 9 TriSCAN sensors miss-reported the time required to take the measurement. Sensor measurement times have changed considerably for all sensors (all measurements take the same time or less)
  • Firmware supports long probes up to 7x 30cm segments total (21 sensors / 2.1m Typical length)
  • New Concurrent measurement type aC8! returns sensor depth configuration as measurement.
  • Depths can be read/modified with PConfig 1.9.4 Build 6332 or later through extension to aXE command.
  • Sensor detection now supports skipped sensors. When a sensor is not loaded on the PCB (or disabled) the sensor will not appear in the list of measurements and the number of sensors shown will be only those that have been detected.
  • Sensor depth configuration is latched upon setting serial number or upgrading. This also sets the initial default depth configuration.
  • Air and Water measurements support a sensor range e.g. aXW0106 so that only sensors in the range are normalised.

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