Drill & Drop Stage 2, Plus-MULTI Firmware (Brickless)

Drill & Drop Stage 2, Plus-MULTI Firmware (Brickless)

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This firmware is intended for use in "brick-less" (Stage 2) Drill & Drop probes and provides functionality to connect the probe to either Sentek Plus or MULTI DTUs. The Stage 2 Drill & Drop probes offer flexibility to move between RS232 and RS485 connectivity.

Important: This firmware does NOT support Satellite modems (only cellular systems such as GPRS/NextG and CDMA), separate firmware is required for Satellite systems.

This firmware does NOT support the SOLO data transfer system.

The SAME physical hardware may be used as either Plus or MULTI mode. The firmware image loaded controls the behaviour.


  • The default temperature compensation factor is updated from previous Stage 1 (brick) firmware, the new factor is: -48.75
  • The ASIC salinity model (v2.2) is used for salinity sensor results. Previous Stage 1 probes used the older non-ASIC salinity model. Thus, if users swap probes between Stage 1 and 2 they may notice a significant shift in salinity results.
  • Default probe voltage limits have been increased compared to Plus/MULTI Internet firmware 1.7.1. Updated limits are:
    Disable Probe 8.0V
    Enable Probe 8.5V
    Enable Telemetry 11.0V
  • A change to the logger name will trigger a test file to be uploaded at the end of the next upload, i.e. following any sample data.

Firmware Sentek PLUS-Internet 2.1.1.exeDownload 
Firmware Sentek MULTI-Internet 2.1.1.exeDownload 

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