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A simple cable free probe

The Drill & Drop Bluetooth probe is a simple, powerful soil moisture monitoring tool.
Designed for ease of use, the data is collected via your phone using an app – taking away complex and expensive cellular and satellite modem telemetry.


Soil moisture and temperature
Soil moisture, temperature and salinity


Vegetable crops, berries, covered cropping, cut flowers, research and landscapes.
Also useful as an agronomic diagnostic tool for problem solving in the field.

Getting Started

Download Field Guide
Download Connect app
Setup and Test Probe
Install Probe & Sensor Test
Collect Data

Dealer Resources

Sentek Field Guide

Download the Sentek Field Guide app.  This app is for training and troubleshooting, and covers probe installation as well as Bluetooth connection setup.

You will need to download a 3rd party tool called AppSheet to activate the Sentek Field Guide.

Sentek Connect App

Download the Sentek Connect app from the Google Playstore.

This app is used to setup, test and manage Bluetooth enabled Drill & Drop probes.

Sentek Smart

Collect data from the probe with your phone using Bluetooth, then upload it to IrriMAX Live when you are connected to wi-fi.

What’s Included

Probe Features

  • Fully sealed Drill & Drop probe, with slight taper for easy installation
  • Separate compartment containing Lithium battery
    • The battery is shipped in position, but installed in reverse polarity – please ensure it is correctly aligned when setting up the probe 
  • Sensors at 10cm intervals, can measure soil moisture and temperature – or moisture, temperature and salinity
  • 2.4Mhz Bluetooth communication for short range transmission of data to Android phone or tablet.
  • Also included is a simple tool to assist with the final stage of probe installation (a short length of PVC pipe that protects the cap when pushing down)

Additional Tools & Resources Needed

  • A smart phone or tablet running on the Android operating system (4.4 or higher, 6.0 or higher is recommended)
    • With Bluetooth 4.0 enabled
    • Mobile data or wi-fi access for upload from phone to IrriMAX Live
  • An active IrriMAX Live account
    • Tip! Have your username and password available for setup
  • Installation Tools
    • Plastic Tripod with stabilization pins
    • Sentek Drill & Drop auger, same length as the probe you are installing
  • Extraction Tools

How To Order

Sentek Dealer Webstore

Login to the webstore to see pricing and place your order.

The Bluetooth enable Drill & Drop is available in lengths of:

  • 30cm / 1ft
  • 60cm / 2ft
  • 90cm / 3ft
  • 120cm / 4ft

Select if you want sensors to measure soil moisture and temperature only, or the TriSCAN sensors that also measure salinity.

Need More Information?

If you need more information on the the Bluetooth enabled Drill & Drop please get in touch with your Regional Sales Manager.

Working on a big project or tender? Please contact Sentek to request a quote.

How To Install

All the information you need to prepare for and complete the probe installation is in the Field Guide.

For dealers that are familiar with the cabled Drill & Drop installation technique, please note that the procedure is the same EXCEPT for 2 key points.

  1. The probe should be installed so that the collar is slightly above ground, such that the antenna and battery compartment is not buried
  2. Care needs to be taken during the final push, we recommend using the piece of PVC supplied with the probe
    1. It should be placed over the top and used for the final push
    2. DO NOT use your body weight to step on the cap and drive it into the ground, this works with cabled Drill & Drop, but NOT the Bluetooth enabled design.

Download the installation guide

We recommend that you watch this video, which shows installation and removal of a Drill & Drop Bluetooth Probe.

(please be aware this was filmed with a R&D prototype using a white cap rather than the final blue cap we are now manufacturing).

Your Customers – Resources

For the end-user customer that will be collecting the probe data, there is a different version of the app available.

This “lite” version removes advanced setup and configuration settings, the focus is on data collection and transfer to IrriMAX Live.

Sentek Connect App (Full Dealer Version – for iOS Devices)

Update:  January 2020.

Sentek is in the final testing stage of the iOS Full Version of the app.

For dealers wishing to install and use this, please contact Sentek directly.

We will require your Apple ID email to send you the invitation to use this as a BETA test before release.

Sentek Connect App (Lite Version – for Android Devices)

Sentek Connect App (Lite Version – for iOS Devices)

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