Research Papers

Sentek soil moisture, salinity and temperature probes form a key part of numerous wide-ranging research studies. These include inter alia. irrigation and fertilizer efficiency trials; agronomic and horticultural practices; genetic root growth impacts; soil biota health; hydrological studies; model improvement and validation.

Most research studies where soil or growing media is part of the study benefit from the insights gained from the dynamics of water movement and use in the soil.

The documents below include a small sample of published research papers. A google search using terms Sentek and combinations EnviroSCAN; EasyAG; Drill Drop plus key words, related to your research area of interest, will likely unearth research work related to your particular interest.

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Agriculture & Agricultural Research

Peach tree response to single and combined deficit irrigation regimes in deep soils

Authors: J. Girona, M. Gelly, M. Mata, A. Arbone`s, J. Rufat, J. Marsal

Study on Peach trees and their response to regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) using EnviroSCAN probes containing sensors at 0.2, 0.4, 0.8 and 1.6 m to measure soil water content.

“Trees were either fully irrigated or subjected to deficit irrigation during Stage II of fruit development and/or during post-harvest”.

Improvement of Drought Resistance in Rice

Authors: R. Serraj, A. Kumar, K. L. McNally, I. Slamet-Loedin, R. Bruskiewich, R. Mauleon, J. Cairns,,k and R. J. Hijmans

New phenotyping methodologies have been developed to allow fast and detailed evaluation of potential drought-resistant donors.  “Genetic sources of drought resistance have now been identified for all major rice agroecosystems and some of the associated traits have been characterized”
EnviroSCAN and Diviner 2000 probes have been used in several trials to measure soil moisture..

Evaluation of EnviroSCAN Capacitance Probes for Monitoring Soil Moisture in Center Pivot Irrigated Potatoes

Authors: Alva, A.K., Collins, H.P., Fraisse, C. & Boydston, R.A.

This study demonstrated that continual monitoring of soil moisture content within and below the rootzone of potato is important to optimize the irrigation scheduling to minimize leaching losses below the rootzone.

Product Verification

Real-time soil water dynamics using multisensor capacitance probes: Laboratory calibration

Authors: I.C.Paltineanu, J.L.Starr: USDA-ARS

A highly significant nonlinear relationship was found between volumetric moisture content and scaled frequency.
Robustness of the calibration equation was illustrated.