bluetooth drill and drop

NEW! Drill & Drop Bluetooth Probe

About This Project

Today Sentek released the Bluetooth enabled Drill & Drop probe to the market.

Build on the reliable and precise sensor technology embedded in the popular Drill & Drop range, the new product offers data collection and transfer via smart phone.

Taking away the need for cables and modems, instead the build-in Bluetooth antenna connects to a Sentek phone app to upload the probe sensor readings.

The user can then use either phone data or a wi-fi connection to transfer the data to IrriMAX Live.

The Bluetooth probe is available in the following lengths:

  • 30cm / 12 inches
  • 60cm / 24 inches
  • 90cm / 36 inches
  • 120cm / 48 inches

The probe reads soil moisture and temperature at each 10 cm / 4 inch depth down the probe.

Optionally, salinty sensors can also be added.

Learn more here.

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