NDVI now available in IrriMAX Live!

View high resolution NDVI satellite images of fields during the crop season.

  • Identify problems sooner – stress, diseases, pests

  • Track crop stages

  • Visualize and track crop health

  • Monitor the impact of changes in irrigation and fertilizer management

  • Detect fields ready for harvesting

  • Identify variability

  • Track crop responses to management decisions – fertilizer, irrigation, pest control

  • Assist with site selection for soil moisture monitoring probe installation

  • Detect irrigation system problems: leaks, low pressure, insufficient DU

View Data from Your Phone, Laptop or Tablet

IrriMAX Live is Sentek’s web-based platform that allows real-time monitoring of crop water use for precision irrigation management.

Remote access and sharing of data is simple and easy to setup.  Smart device views include map, graph, and list options.

Know how much water is available at all depths in the soil profile to support improved irrigation management.

Quickly check your probe data in simple “fuel gauge” style, with NDVI maps as an overlay.

Click through from the maps for more charts and deeper analysis.

High Resolution for Advanced Crop Monitoring

Sentek’s high resolution offering provides you with insights at 0.5m granularity. Vital for analysis of crops at individual row and even tree level.
In the high resolution NDVI image below, the color scale represents a range of 0.2 to 0.8.
NDVI sensing enables tracking of plants over time. You can compare current vigour versus that if 2 or 3 months ago, or the same time last year.

Available Images


This image provides a simple score on how healthy the plants are.

High Resolution Image NDVI Image directly comparable with any previous images taken at the same scale.

NDVI Change

Monitor a crop over time.  Supports understanding of how the crop is changing, and the results of different management strategies.

NDVI Change since the last Image. Blue colours signify an improvement and reddish colours indicate a reduction in crop performance. White is unchanged.

Low Performing Areas

Supports identification of areas that may need different management strategies – such as tailored irrigation, fertiliser application, pest management or pruning.

In this image, the lowest 25% is shown.

High performing areas

Supports identification of areas that may need different management strategies – such as tailored irrigation, fertiliser application, pest management or pruning.

In this image, the highest 25% is shown.

Changes in High/Low Performing Areas

Insights into the results of changes to management strategies.

This image shows existing and new high/low performing areas since the last image.

Frequently Asked Questions

What crops do you support?

We support any crop with a high amount of visible foliage. Our analysis works best for regularly spaced crops, e.g. row crops such as vineyards or orchards.

How are the images captured?

Sentek uses third parties to acquire and process the images.  We source raw images from companies that operate the satellites, and work with Amphora Data to provide the imagery and analytics. Sentek (via Amphora Data) obtains images from multiple providers to get you the lowest cost and highest availability of satellite imagery.

Is the cost per image, or per month?

The cost is per month. The minimum service period is for three months, and the period begins upon receiving the first image.

What is the resolution?

The imagery is provided at a high resolution to support crop monitoring.

Our high-resolution offering provides you with insights at 0.5m resolution. This is enough to resolve small plants such as vines, rows within vegetable crops, and individual trees in an orchard.

Is the NDVI available in all countries?

Yes! We can provide images around the globe.  Almost all regions are suitable, except for very cloudy regions as the satellite can’t see through the clouds. That being said – we have successfully analysed remote valleys in the South Island of New Zealand, an area know for cloud cover – so we will do our best to analyse your property.

Are all these different images (NDVI, NDVI Change, High & Low performing areas, High Low Change) included in the price per month?

Yes, all these images are included in the standard monthly subscription. You can select which images to view when working in IrriMAX Live.

Is my data secure?

Stored on the secured IrriMAX database it can only be viewed by password authorized users, and is backed up on Sentek servers.

How many images do I get per month?

We provide at least 1 image per month. Sometimes you may receive more due to weather and other conditions.

How to order satellite imagery from Sentek

  • Log in to IrriMAX Live

    For new users, contact your Sentek Dealer for access.

  • Go to maps view

    Start clicking on the property or field boundary to define the zone for imagery.

  • Enter zone details

    You can also add info re Crop, Planting Date, Irrigation systems. The area of the polygon will be calculated after saving changes.

  • Request a Quote

    Get a quote on images, pricing is based on the area (Acres/Ha) calculated from the zones created.

Request More Information

Sentek soil moisture probes and data insights are sold through a network of trained dealers.

Farmers/end-users will be connected to a local Sentek dealer to assist with product selection, installation and data interpretation support.

    Check all that apply, this helps us to recommend the right imagery and analysis for your farm.