Products Overview

Soil Moisture, Salinity and Temperature

Capture precision data for
soil profiles in real-time.

Data Transmission

Know what’s happening
under the soil, no matter
where you are.

Software and Reports

Make confident decisions,
using simple charts and
powerful reports

Sentek is the proven innovator to understand soil-water-plant-atmosphere dynamics and to know what actions to take.

For agriculture:
The growth for hundreds of millions of tonnes of prime agricutural product is optimised
For research:
World-leading scientific insights are underpinned by verifiable and repeatable data collection process
For environmental:
Confident decisions are made about project commencement and compliance to protect multinational brands

Tested and validated by a global scientific community.

Our best-in-class soil moisture monitoring solutions deliver accurate monitoring, fast data retrieval and user-friendly data analysis. Every product is engineered to be robust, reliable and accurate and many have been validated by the global scientific community.  We are confident they are of the highest quality, so you can depend on our products’ precision and ability to be long-lasting.

With innovations such as the award-winning EnviroSCAN probes and IrriMAX software, we set the industry standard for design, precision, and durability in agricultural, environmental, and research fields.

Outstanding ROI plus flexibility for future use.

Sentek offers exceptional value-for-money by offering users economy solutions that can easily be upgraded or extended as required.

All Sentek products are backed by a one or two year warranty, and a lifetime of exceptional customer service and support.

Find more profits with precision irrigation.

IrriMAX software offers mastery over irrigation scheduling. With insights into root activity and moisture uptake, set moisture parameters based on a specific crop and soil scenario. You will soon be able to interpret field specific needs and respond quickly and confidently to changes in soil moisture conditions.

Know when soil water content is at its most favourable and fine tune your response over time as crops mature and conditions change. Farmers and consultants that use Sentek technologies know how to get maximum return on seed, water and fertiliser, while ensuring optimal quality and yield.

Open Integration Platform.

Our open integration platform allows EnviroSCAN and Drill & Drop probes to be connected to a wide range of technologies and data retrieval systems. Connect them to your existing data loggers or retrieval equipment, weather stations, irrigation controllers or modems using GPRS, 3G or satellite.

Available interfaces include: RS232 Modbus, RS485 Modbus, and SDI-12 communications.

These options allow you to retrofit best-in-class soil moisture monitoring to existing data retrieval systems or an alternative of your choice.

Take a look at some of our integration partners and consider how using Sentek probes can enhance your ag tech system.