IrriMAX 7

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IrriMAX 7

Installing IrriMAX 7.1

* If you are upgrading from IrriMAX 6.1 with the EnviroSCAN Plus module installed, it is recommended that you uninstall the EnviroSCAN Plus module before installing IrriMAX 7.1. The module is now part of IrriMAX 7.1 and uninstalling it before upgrading ensures that it is removed from the Add/Remove Programs list.
* If you have an Internet download of IrriMAX 7.1, instructions for installing it are included on the Sentek web site
* The IrriMAX CD has a menu program (Menu.exe) which allows selection of the IrriMAX installer, the "How to use IrriMAX 7" presentation and other options.
* The menu should automatically run when the CD is inserted. If your computer has the autorun feature disabled, the menu can be run manually by doing one of the following: a. Using Windows Explorer, view the installation CD and open (double-click) "Menu.exe", or b. Select "Run..." from the Start Menu and type "D:Menu.exe" where "D" is the drive letter of your CD-ROM drive
* To install IrriMAX without using the CD menu, use one of the above methods to run "Setup.exe" from the installation CD, or open "Add/Remove Programs" in the Windows Control Panel and click the "Install" button.
* The manuals for the software are provided in PDF format for viewing or printing using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If required, Acrobat Reader can be installed from the IrriMAX CD, either from the Menu or by running "AcroReader505enu.exe". The latest version can be obtained by visiting the Adobe website
* Example databases can be found in the "Example DB" folder within the IrriMAX program folder. The program folder is typically "C:Program FilesSentekIrriMAX", but this depends on the configuration of your operating system and your choice during the installation process.
* The Remote Connection Manager configuration file "rcmw.ini" has been enhanced since EnviroSCAN 4.1. The installer will not overwrite an existing "rcmw.ini" because it may contain your settings and configuration data. The new file can be found on the IrriMAX CD. Please backup the old file before replacing it with the newer version.

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