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This Field Guide will allow you to access current manuals/guides from Sentek.  The link should be used on your phone or a tablet, not on a desktop computer. It is an app that runs on both Android and Apple devices. It will trigger a download of a...

This program allows configuring of Sentek Drill & Drop and EnviroSCAN probes. You will need a programming cable from Sentek to do this: Sentek part number #06035 Probe Programming Cable, PConfig Drill & Drop Probe, USB Sentek part number #06018 Probe Programming Cable, PConfig, USB You will...

Streamlines the in-field commissioning of a Sentek All in One probes and Sentek PLUS Compact systems, which has a self-contained Bluetooth communication module. The Sentek App is a subset of the capabilities of the PC version of the Probe Configuration Utility. This utility is an Android...