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Case Studies

Managing the sustainable use of treated CSG water on crops

Santos seeks to maximise the environmental, community livelihood and internal business benefits from the irrigation of well adapted forest plantations and forage-based grazing systems on well suited land and soil systems. Santos is working closely with environmental protection specialists of the Queensland Government in the implementation of strict new guidelines in CSM (coal seam methane) associated water treatment and disposal.

“The quality of the data influenced the decision to reduce the number of irrigations resulting in increased yield. The equipment was paid for in just one season.”

Sentek Technologies including appropriate decision-support IrriMAX software provides continuous data which shows:

• how much water the trees and crops are using each day
• optimal times for further irrigations
• any changes in salt levels and vertical and lateral distribution within the soil profile
• how irrigation amount and frequency is managed to ensure below root zone drainage is within the guidelines set in the irrigation management plan
• that vertical or horizontal movement of below root zone drainage does not impact upon ephemeral streams or shallow or deep groundwater
• appropriate times for further monitoring

As a CSG industry leader Santos is at the forefront of this growth, and is working closely with Government environmental protection specialists in the implementation of strict new guidelines in CSG (coal seam gas) water treatment and subsequent beneficial use. Santos’ Queensland CSG fields are in the Fairview, Roma and Arcadia Valley areas.

Irrigation will beneficially utilise between 45% and 80% of treated CSG water.