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Case Study Category: Landscapes

Improved Turf Irrigation Strategies From 2D Insights

Two Drill & Drop™ probes were installed into separate areas of the Central Lawn at the Adelaide Zoo: one in a high pedestrian traffic area and one in an adjacent more sheltered region. Volumetric Soil Water Content (VWC) readings were collected continuously at 30 minute intervals for a period of 6 months. Comparisons were made of the data to determine the effects of pedestrian compaction and any observable soil textural differences.

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Insights vs Instincts: Making The Right Irrigation Decisions

Joe Cook, a lucerne grower based in Keith, South Australia talks about his irrigation management, which involves combining Sentek probe data with the guidance of his skillful Sentek distributor Alpha Group Consulting. Joe explains the challenges he faces and how this management style has helped with changing his irrigation strategy throughout one season due to the different stages observed in lucerne.

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