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Case Study Category: Fruit and Nuts

From Premium to Ultra-Premium Winegrapes

Wirra Wirra use Sentek technologies in their Shiraz vineyards to manage irrigation scheduling at the critical stages of grape development.
The insights from EnviroSCAN soil moisture probes, viewed in IrriMAX software, enable the viticulture team to confidently manage irrigations rates to achieve the flavour profile needed for premium wines.

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Pulse irrigation in Almonds

Using multiple Sentek probes to measure soil moisture changes and results when using the pulse irrigation method to try and push water laterally, to increase the volume of soil that is irrigated.

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2D tools provide advanced analysis

Using the Sentek agronomic toolkit, Alejandro Dieste from CDTEC was able to undertake a more complex analysis of a Blueberry plants – by looking at the Soil Moisture, Temperature, and Salinity both vertically and laterally.

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70% irrigation savings in walnuts using EnviroSCAN

Noceto used Sentek’s continuous soil moisture monitoring to reduce the number of required irrigations by 70%. As a result, they greatly improved the quality of the walnuts, reduced the amount of shrivelling and increased the total production.

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Banana Farmer uses EnviroSCAN to improve Drip Irrigation Management

Mark Reppel embraces soil-moisture monitoring for crop quality and substantially increases yield. Sentek’s continuous soil-moisture monitoring solution, EnviroSCAN®, allowed Mark to increase yields by 50% and improve the overall quality of the fruit.

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