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Case Study Category: Environmental

Using Sentek’s EnviroSCAN to Measure Groundwater Recharge

Sentek’s EnviroSCAN was used in an alternative way in Western Australia where it was used to measure groundwater recharge and leaching to conform with the state’s groundwater licensing guidelines. Sentek spoke with Principal Hydrogeologist Richard Nixon of Global Groundwater to hear how he used Sentek’s EnviroSCAN to more accurately estimate water recharge in his groundwater […]

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From Premium to Ultra-Premium Winegrapes

Wirra Wirra use Sentek technologies in their Shiraz vineyards to manage irrigation scheduling at the critical stages of grape development.
The insights from EnviroSCAN soil moisture probes, viewed in IrriMAX software, enable the viticulture team to confidently manage irrigations rates to achieve the flavour profile needed for premium wines.

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2D tools provide advanced analysis

Using the Sentek agronomic toolkit, Alejandro Dieste from CDTEC was able to undertake a more complex analysis of a Blueberry plants – by looking at the Soil Moisture, Temperature, and Salinity both vertically and laterally.

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Insights vs Instincts: Making The Right Irrigation Decisions

Joe Cook, a lucerne grower based in Keith, South Australia talks about his irrigation management, which involves combining Sentek probe data with the guidance of his skillful Sentek distributor Alpha Group Consulting. Joe explains the challenges he faces and how this management style has helped with changing his irrigation strategy throughout one season due to the different stages observed in lucerne.

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Managing the sustainable use of treated CSG water on crops

EnviroSCAN probes were used to support precision management of irrigation systems applying treated CSG water on native tree crops

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