Sentek operates in Australia, Europe and North America. Our staff work in Production, Sales, Software Development, Accounts, Warehousing, Technical Support, Marketing and Customer Service.

Current vacancies are listed below.

North America

Managing Director – Sentek USA Inc

Seeking a Managing Director to lead a rapidly growing business to deliver on its objectives, and to ensure that all legal, ethical and moral obligations are met.  Are you a born leader, with an extensive Agricultural background? If so then this position is for you.

Join an organization where you can make a difference.

In this role you will be responsible for:

  • Overseeing daily business operations, optimized productivity and improving the organizational effectiveness.
  • In consultation with the Board, determine business objectives, strategies, and policies.
  • Implement agreed business strategies by the establishment of appropriate projects and programs.
  • Lead, direct and motivate the Team in the achievement of their objectives.
  • Overseeing, managing employees, creating a work environment, training, hiring employees.
  • Review and monitor business performance while keeping the Board of Directors fully advised.
  • Monitor industry change and competitor performance to identify opportunities and threats and determine appropriate action(s) to be taken to either develop the opportunity or minimize the threat.
  • Act as spokesperson for the company in its primary relationships with banking and government bodies, industry organizations, the media and key business partners.
  • Ensure the company complies with all statutory and other legal, ethical and moral constraints and obligations.
  • Develop business development strategies and meet objectives of establishing new reseller and customer networks.
  • Investigate and act on opportunities to develop reseller and customer networks.
  • Oversee stock requirements for all products based on marketing forecast, past and current trends.
  • Liaise with contractors to retain ongoing supply which meets our product standards and delivery requirements.
  • Oversee selected areas of the order processing system.
  • Developing and implementing growth strategies.
  • Creating and managing budgets.



Sentek USA Inc is a Distributor of soil moisture, salinity and temperature probes plus associated telemetry and Irrigation controllers. We offer leading edge technology including software to enable agronomists, consultants, environmental scientists and growers to fully understand and manage the soil-plant-water-atmosphere dynamics and so optimise irrigation scheduling, environmental due diligence and/or research aims. We offer stand-alone complete solutions plus integrate our probes into the solutions of other providers in the areas of agriculture, environmental, landscape and research.

Sentek will be celebrating 30 years in this niche and rapidly growing industry. Strong company growth has resulted in a strategic plan of rapid expansion backed by our corporate values of high personal service, scientific integrity, innovation and product quality.

If you would like to explore a career with Sentek USA Inc and you are ready to directly impact the continued success of our business we would love to hear from you!