WIA Award July 16

Sentek Wins Award For Irrigation & Resource Management

Last week, the Water Industry Alliance’s annual Smart Water Awards ceremony was held at the Adelaide Convention Centre, where seven companies and one individual were recognized as leading contributors to South Australia’s water sector. Sentek was awarded the honour of the Irrigation & Resource Management Award, for our IrriMAX 10 2D software.

Sentek board member Tim Waterhouse was also successful at the Smart Water Awards, taking home the Chairman’s Award for his contribution to the water industry – congratulations Tim!

We would like to thank the Water Industry Alliance for giving us with this honour, and we would also like to thank all of our supporters, including distributors, customers, partners, plus all of those that were and continue to be involved in the process that made it possible for the IrriMAX 2D software to come to fruition.

WIA Award July 16
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