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Unlock all the advantages hidden soil data can give you.

Since 1991, Sentek probes and software have been unlocking insights from soil that no other technology has been able to provide with such precision. For agriculture, research, mining and environmental management organisations, conclusive soil data about water content, temperature and salinity has led to a host of advantages that are key to competing in demanding conditions.

Advantages our agriculture customers gain by unlocking more soil insights are counted in extra yield and improved quality for premium markets, using less water and fertiliser. For research, mining and environmental management, optimal decision-making reduces risk, creates the best policies and facilitates taking the right action at the right time.

Our integrated collaboration with distributors, agronomists, researchers and end-users keeps our finger on the pulse of what is most valuable out in the field. This is how Sentek keeps at the forefront of innovation and makes it easy to unlock and use soil data for you to enjoy new market advantages.

Hit pay dirt with precision

Globally, Sentek farmers optimise competitiveness in good times and bad,  using smarter irrigation scheduling to apply the right amount of water and fertiliser at the right time to produce better yields and reduce waste from leaching.

Recognition for delivering customer-centric advantages and leadership in unlocking soil data.

Sentek continually embraces third parties to test that our Ag Tech products, business model and innovation are the best they can be. From the business community, industry associations and government, our approach and technology have been endorsed as world-class. This is supported by our commitment to quality and achievement of ISO 9001 accreditation.

A leadership team with the market in clear focus

Sentek is led by a highly credentialed, experienced team committed to meeting market demands, driving product innovation and guiding the company in steady, sustainable growth.

Peter Buss
Manager, Agronomic R&D

A co-founder of Sentek and an ‘inventor’ of Sentek’s intellectual property, Peter possesses a Degree of Engineering in International Agronomy, a Masters of Arts from the Free University of West Berlin and a Masters of Science in Rural Science from the University of New England, NSW.

Peter is an international authority on agriculture and irrigation systems, with many published papers, and is responsible for the agronomic and soil science activities in Sentek. He is involved in the conceptual development of product, product testing and responsible for distributor training, industry education and international liaison with research organisations and overall agronomic support.

Peter has worked as an agronomist and supervisor/manager in the private and public sectors. For some years, he was Chairman of the Sentek Board.

Nick Ktoris
Chief Executive Officer

Nick joined Sentek in February 2000, with responsibility for all financial and administration matters, including human resources. In February 2007, he was appointed as Chief Operating Officer, reporting to the Board on all operational aspects of the business.

His sound business acumen and skills, as well as his substantial experience within Sentek, led to his appointment as CEO in March 2010, when he took on overall responsibility for overseeing the management and direction of the company.

Prior to joining Sentek, Nick worked as a Finance and Administration Manager in the areas of transport and manufacturing. Nick has a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from the University of South Australia, and is a Fellow of Certified Practising Accountants Australia (FCPA) and a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD).

Rob Guy
Manager, Sales and Marketing

Rob has worked for more than 20 years in forestry, irrigation and natural resources research, training, consulting and operations. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Hydrology and Soil Science, a Bachelor of Commerce and teaching qualifications. He has worked with Sentek for over 11 years in the research, agronomic training and sales departments.

Mary Perrotta
Manager, Finance and Administration

Mary joined Sentek as the Company Accountant in 2000 and was appointed Finance and Administration Manager in 2008. Mary holds a tertiary qualification in accounting.

John Luca
Manager, Production & Logistics

Prior to joining Sentek in 2012, John was involved in the electronic manufacturing industry for over 12 years, specialising in production engineering and production management. John strengthened this expertise with two years of international experience, during which time he set up and managed an electronic assembly facility overseas.

Michael Portmann
Manager, Engineering

Michael joined Sentek in January 2005 as a Design Engineer developing and overseeing firmware and hardware aspects of large set of Sentek’s product range including the sensor technology itself. Michael had also worked with Sentek as a contracted engineer since 1999.  He has a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems Engineering with Honours from the University of South Australia and was previously employed as a Design Engineer for a local contract design and manufacturing company where he developed products covering a wide range of industries from fitness equipment, industrial laser control and aeronautical instrumentation.

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