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Case Study Category: IrriMAX 10, Support Files

IrriMAX 10.1 Adcon Module

The IrriMAX Adcon Module extends Data Exchange with the ability to download readings from an Adcon A840 Telemetry Gateway, or from the addVANTAGE server software. It is invoked by choosing “Adcon Server” from the Source combo-box in Data Exchange.

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IrriMAX 10 Calibration

This file contains the latest DEFAULT calibrations for use in Irrimax versions older than 10.1.2. When upgrading an older version of IrriMAX to IrriMAX 10.1.2, the latest calibration.ini is merged with the one already on the user’s machine. It is no longer necessary to upgrade it manually.Existing and customised calibrations will remain intact. The IrriMAX […]

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IrriMAX 10 RCM.ini

The IrriMAX RCM .ini file is where IrriMAX stores soil calibrations for Sentek soil moisture sensors. To ensure no loss of custom Remote Connection Manager settings when IrriMAX is re-installed or upgraded on a machine, the RCM .ini file is NOT installed. This download allows users access to the latest DEFAULT RCM .ini file supplied […]

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