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Sentek design, develop, manufacture, support and globally distribute best-in-class technologies for measuring and managing soil moisture, salinity and temperature.

You can use Sentek technologies to monitor groundwater movement, generate exceptional research data, and gain vital crop water use insights to make better irrigation decisions.

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Sentek Design, Develop, Manufacture, Support And Globally Distribute Best-In-Class Technology For Measuring And Managing Moisture, Salinity And Temperature Of Soil.


Our sensing solutions can be applied to diverse and specialized fields including irrigation and rainfed agriculture, research projects, parks, gardens, mining and environmental management. Sentek is revolutionizing soil moisture, fertilizer and salinity management by making it easier for you to measure and analyse interactions between plants, water, soils and the atmosphere.

Our Strengths

The Sentek range of soil monitoring solutions delivers accurate monitoring, fast and reliable data retrieval and user-friendly data analysis and display.

Soil water, salinity and temperature measurement

Tracking change in soil moisture can provide valuable insights into complex interactions. Sentek technologies can help you to measure and understand what is occurring so you can make more informed decisions.

High resolution data

Sentek soil moisture sensors provide a high data resolution and can detect changes in moisture of >0.01 percent. This allows you to track water movement through the profile, and plant uptake, to a scientific standard.

Quality local knowledge and support

Sentek products are sold and supported by a network of highly trained and experienced local dealers. They are the experts in site selection, installation, setup, ongoing product care and data analysis.

Site calibration

Every individual sensor on a Sentek soil moisture probe contains a default calibration equation and provides a robust universal measure of soil water content. Site specific calibration equations from Sentek’s library can also be applied for more enhanced accuracy.

Innovative and reliable technology

Sentek is committed to product development and testing. We undertake both field and laboratory trials to ensure our products meet the highest standards and our manufacturing processes remain focused on delivering quality results.

Site and data integrity

Sentek probes are installed using carefully designed tools to ensure a good fit between the probe exterior and the soil. This means data quality is assured with no air gaps and no damage to the surrounding profile.

Leaders in their Field

Respected and innovative global companies turn to Sentek for soil moisture monitoring.

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Latest News

Using Sentek’s EnviroSCAN to Measure Groundwater Recharge

Sentek’s EnviroSCAN was used in an alternative way in Western Australia where it was used to measure groundwater recharge and leaching to conform with the state’s groundwater licensing guidelines. Sentek spoke with Principal Hydrogeologist Richard Nixon of Global Groundwater to hear how he used Sentek’s EnviroSCAN to more accurately estimate water recharge in his groundwater […]

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